Andrew Allen Portait

Elevate LatAm

Chocolate welcomes Hakeem Ducksworth

Chocolate skateboards introduce Hakeem Ducksworth to the team with this video part.

The Carlos Iqui Collection

DC and their team rider Carlos Iqui have created a custom Legacy 98 Slim shoe inspired by utilitarian, 90's military fatigues and which is available from NOTE now.

Stevie Perez and the Flaco 2

Stevie Perez has a new Lakai shoe available from NOTE now called the Flaco 2 and filmed an entire VX video part for it.

Piilgrim White Noise

White Noise features Keanu Robson, Tom Day, Jeremy Jones, Jiri Bulin and Franklin Stephens filmed by Sean Lomax and Mark Kendrick during a 7 day stay in Iceland for Piilgrim

Bobby Worrest Welcome To Venture

Bobby Worrest has joined the Venture truck team and here is a solid plaza heavy video part to welcome him.

Hammer VTG

Supra footwear presents a Hammer VTG film "The Skateboarding of Leandre Sanders And Ludvig Håkansson". A film shot in Los Angeles and directed by Jim Greco.

Afterbang Part Deux

The second part of Afterbang by James Cruikshank featuring Vincemt Touzery, Roman Gonzales, Remy Taveira, Paul Grund, David Stenstrom, Dane Brady, Pontus Alv, Kevin Rodrigues, Hjalte Halberg, Jacob Ovgren, Aaron Herrington, Jerome Campbell, Casey Foley, Geoff Campbell, Jordan Trahan, Jimmy McDonald, Stephen Malet, Ollie Lock, Jamie Platt, Harry Lintell, Eugene Ochieng, Dan West, Carlos Cardenosa and Kyron Davis.

Spitfire Two Stroke

Check out the new Spitfire Bobby De Keyzer Two Stroke pro wheels and this video featuring BDK, Dane Barker, Evan Hay and Myles Gable.