Kyron Davis MegaMix

Check out the Kyron Davis MegaMix video by Will Miles showing him growing from skatepark kid to euro flow through to going pro for Numbers. Kyron's debut professional skateboard is available from NOTE now.

Chocolate x Modernica

Chocolate skateboards and Modernica have crafted a new collection which is available from NOTE now. Featuring classic bikes illustration by Evan Hecox on decks, Tees, a windbreaker, and Modernica’s Side Shell Spyder Chair and Case Study Ceramics pot.


"In South London an elite force of men terrorise the streets. Step into a world of violence, chaos and carnage. Step into the world of BLOKES."

A film by Ed Hubert and  starring Jake Snelling, Craig Questions, Jack Lammas and Dan Singer.

The limited edition Blokes T shirt is available from NOTE now.

Street Safari


Dustin is a new video by Quenton Guthrie featuring Dom Henry, Arthur Derrien, Tom Delion, Luca Prestini, Rowan White, Jarrad Carlin, Tom Elliott, Josh Pall, Tom Bentley, Luke Shalders, Ethan de Lacy, Sam Bottenberg, Ellis Gardiner, Nora Vasconcellos, Kyron Davis, Jamie Foy, Gabriel Summers, Mark Rowe, Tristan Rudman, Charlie Munro, Mikey Patrick, Caradog Emanuel, Dan Fisher Eustance, Will Creswick, Chris Mann, Jarne Verbruggen, Will Harmon, Liam McCulloch and Steph Morgan


Tonal is the new video by JP Blair for Grand Collection featuring Wade DesArmo, Connor Champion, Spencer Hamilton, Nick "BuggyTalls" Ferro, Ben Tenner, Taylor Clark, Brian Reid, Brian "Dutchie" Delaney, Dana Ericson and Zeb Weisman.


Milton Martinez has just released his new Demolición video part via Thrasher and it contains some seriously outrageous skateboarding. 

Primitive Encore

Lucas Puig in Fellas

Check out the amazing Lucas Puig section from the new Hélas Fellas video which is available from NOTE on USB key now.

April Diego