The Hupper 2 Hi

Joe Gavin and Kyle Wilson in Madrid

Joe Gavin and Kyle Wilson went to Spain to rep Thunder but they got rain. Sean Lomax still managed to film this on the one dry day they got.

The YS video

Yardsale bring you the YS video featuring Curtis Pearl, Julian Kimura, Kyle Wilson, Sam Sitayeb and Charlie Birch.

Gathering of the Govs

Spencer Hamilton Elevate Part

Watch this new Spencer Hamilton video part and check out his new Supra Elevate pro model shoe which will be available from NOTE soon. 

Street Sweeper

DC Shoes are back with this new Street Sweeper video.  A real return to form and the heritage styles the team are rocking have never looked better. Featuring Josh Kalis, Cyril JacksonWes KremerTristan FunkhouserThaynan Costa, Madars Apse, John Gardener, Chase Webb, Brian O'Dwyer, Jaakko Ojanem, Justin Adeniran, Charles Deschamps, Gabriel Galipeau, Will Marshall, Ish Cepeda, Kevin Bilyeu and John Shanahan.

Out For A Rip

One Star World Tour 2018

Here's a new video from Converse by James Cruikshank filmed during 16 days in Texas, Louisiana, Georgia, England and France. Featuring Juan Virues, Felipe Bartolome, Ryan Townley, Dane Barker,  Shane Farber,  Kaue Cossa,  Remy Taveira,  Max Taylor,  Paul Grund and Bobby De Keyzer.

adidas Skateboarding 20|50

Back On My BS