Jamie Foy's Spitfire part

Jamie Foy hasn't slowed up since winning the 2017 Skater Of The Year and bangs out yet another hammer packed part for Spitfire wheels. Lookout for his new professional wheels in NOTE soon.

Dickies introduce Jamie Foy

Dickies have put together a video featruing the whole Dickies team to welcome Jamie Foy to the squad. Featuring Vincent Alvarez, Zack Wallin, Jake Hayes, Peter Hewitt, Allysha Le, Ronnie Sandoval, Jake Johnson, Tom Knox and the 2017 Skater Of The Year.

Yes Fam! Recut

Jack Brooks has recut this footage of Yes Fam! featuring Jak Pietryga, Tyrone O’Hanrahan and Paco in London and Paris.

Radiant Cure Former

Radiant Cure video part from Austyn Gillette for Former which is a clothing founded brand by Austyn, Craig Anderson, Dane Reynolds and Dylan Rieder which we hope to have in NOTE one day.

Lakai x Motörhead

Professional skateboard mosher Riley Hawk is a huge fan of Lemmy Kilmister of Motörhead. For the launch of his second shoe Lakai have partnered with Motörhead and Riley to deliver a full co-branded footwear and apparel capsule. Watch Riley shred and then check out the kit which is available from NOTE now.

Diamond in Japan

Torey Pudwill, Brandon Biebel, Nick Tucker, Boo Johnson and Jamie Foy took a trip to Japan for Diamond footwear recently and in between signings and demoes they filmed all this! Hopefully we'll see them smashing it over here one day. 

Hockey Andrew Allen

Hockey skateboards have just released a couple of minutes of new Andrew Allen which you won't want to miss. 

Nike SB Blazer Club 58

Check out the shoe that our Charlie O'Donnell designed along with Grant Dawson (Supreme), Erik Westman (Streetlab), Yann Felixain (Riot) and Callum Francis from Club 58. Learn more about the shoe’s inspiration and design process over at Place Magazine. The Nike SB Blazer Club 58 will be available this Saturday 19/05/18 from NOTE.

Connor Champion

Connor Champion filmed this solid part in Raleigh and New York for Grand Collection.

Nike SB Medley video

Nike SB Australia have put out a full video featuring the next wave of the Aussie team. You might not recognise the names yet but take it from us that this well worth watching. Featuring Jason Rainbird, Noah Nayef, Rob Pace, Jack O’Grady, Jarrad Carlin, Sam Sutton, Hayley Wilson, Nicholas Andrewes, Dean Johnston, Corey Young, Rowan Davis, Charles Robertson, Ben Lawrie, Harry McEvoy, Riley Pavey and Raph Langslow.