HUF 001 video

HUF Worldwide have released 10 packed minutes of powerful skateboarding from their entire skate team. Featuring Matt Gottwig, Brad Cromer, Tyler Bledsoe, Dan Plunkett, Dick Rizzo, Josh Matthews, Joet Pepper, Keegan McCutchen, Brendan Carrol, Bryce Mandel, Carl Aikens, Taylor Nida, Pablo Ramirez, Justin Drysen, Sammy Winter, Austyn Gillette and Jake Anderson.

Girl Goldfish video

As long time fans of Girl Skateboards we are especially hyped about some of the new product we've got coming from them soon and we think you will be too. To get you prepared here is Girl Films 1993 classic first video in full. Goldfish was directed by Spike Jonze and features Eric Koston, Guy Mariano, Jeron Wilson, Jovontae Turner, Mike Carroll, Rick Howard, Rudy Johnson, Sean Sheffey, Tim Gavin and Tony Ferguson.

HUF 001 premiere 23/03/18

HUF 001

Nike SB x Antihero 18

Nike SB and Antihero riders Grant Taylor, Brian Anderson and Daan Van Der Linden feature in this video to mark the new collaborative collection designed by BA and GT for SB and 18 which is available from NOTE now.

Grand Collection Pavilion

Grand Collection took to the streets of Barcelona to film for this Paviliion video. Featuring Spencer Hamilton, Wade DesArmo, Brian Delaney, Dana Ericson, Zeb Weisman and Nick Ferro wearing their latest kit which is available from NOTE now.

Skate Mental Aunt Tammy Vol 2

Aunt Tammy Vol 2, Skate Mental's latest video is a refreshing look at some serious European heavyweights.

Raw footage of Adrien Del Campo, Fernando Bramsmark, Karsten Kleppan, Wieger van Wageningen and Giorgi Balkhamishvili.

Adrien Del Campo cements his position as one of the most satisfying men in skateboarding to watch, while Giorgi Balkhamishvili demostrates provides a tutorial in Frontside Crooked Grinds for everyone out there, displaying the perfect pinch.

Thoroughly enjoyable edit, and recommended watching for anyone looking to get stoked before they go and skate.

Joe Gavin North interview

Joe Gavin nollie shove nosegrind shoveClick on the sequence above to check out Fusion Lab fuelled Joe Gavin's full interview which was originally printed in issue 16 of North Skate Mag late last year.

Nick Tucker Diamond Pro Shoe

Diamond Supply Co have introduced Nick Tuckers first pro signature shoe on Diamond Footwear with a new video part.

Politic Transmission One

Transmission One is a powerful new promo from some fresh recruits to the Politic brand. Featuring Jonathan Ettman, Ross Norman, Zach Dykes, Brian Powderly and Dave Caddo.


Converse Cons and Grey Skateboard Magazine present Downtime, a short film by James Cruickshank telling the story of Cons rider Jamie Platt's recovery from a two-year injury and more generally, about skateboarding in London in winter and the many challenges that entails: rain, icy winds and damp surfaces to name a few.

Narrated by Jamie, Downtime also features Converse Cons riders Ben Raemers, Felipe Bartolome, Matlok Bennett-Jones, Bobby De Keyzer, David Stenstrom, Harry Lintell, Carlos Cardenosa, Mike Arnold and Remy Taveira.