Young Emericans video

Emerica have a reputuation for having a powerful team and making top videos. Young Emericans show cases the skateboarding skills of their next generation. Featuring Zach Allen, Kader Sylla and Victor Aceves.

Atlantic Drift Hippy Jumps

Here is episode 5 of the Jacob Elliot Harris' superb Altanlitic Drift series for Thrasher and this one features Mike Arnold, Tom Knox, Sylvain Tognelli, Chris Jones, Remy Taveira, Casper Brooker and all manner of hippy jump NBDs.

Thrash and Burn 2017 video

This summer Thrasher and Spitfire gathered together one of greatest crews of skateboarders around today and went on an all terrain assault of Europe. Watch Ishod Wair, Louie Lopez, Zion Wright, Raven Tershy, Raney Beres, Grant Taylor, Daan Van Der Linden, Oskar Rozenberg, Evan Smith, Cory Kennedy, Chris Pfanner, Kyle Walker and Frank Gerwer thrash and burn in Milan, Zurich, Struttgart and Prague. They've dedicated this one to the late, great P-Stone.

Welcome to WKND Alexis Sablone

The latest WKND skateboards have just arrived in NOTE and include debut professional decks for Alexis Sablone along with the Butt series featuring her artwork. 

Call Me 917 video

Call Me 917 videoCall Me 917 have put a full 36 minute video out today for you all to watch and download for free. Featuring Alex Olson, Aiden Mackey, Cyrus Bennet, Aaron Loreth, Nik Stain, Max Palmer and many more. You don't want to miss this!

Adidas Boulevard Magenta

Adidas Skateboarding and Magenta have got together to produce their second collaboration collection. Watch the Magenta team skating the shoes and clothing in Paris in this Bouleveard Magenta video and check out the range in store or online here at NOTE.

Hotel Blue Rough Luxury

The NYC based Hotel Blue crew have put this Rough Luxury video which coincides which the release of a new range of decks and clothing from the brand. Featuring Giovanni Vacca, Rezza Honarvar, Charles Deschamps, Mark Poole and Dylan Fulford.

Converse x Chocolate by Kenny

Converse CONS has partnered up with Chocolate skateboards to produce a Kenny Anderson collection of footwear, clothing and decks featuring the lifecycle of a seed artwork of Evan Hecox. Watch Kenny test out the product in this video with his friends Justin Eldridge, Steve Nesser and Danny Montoya.