Shane O'Neill Levels video

Shane O'Neill is on a roll. He's got the cover of Thrasher magazine, released his first pro Nike SB shoe and put out this next level video part.

Girl When Nature Calls video

The Girl skateboard co and Kodak have collaborated to make a series of decks and clothing and a short film made with the new Kodak 8mm camera. Wacth the video featuring Cory Kennedy, Sean Malto, Rick McCrank, Simon Bannerot, Mike Carroll, Rick Howard, Tyler Pacheco and Andrew Brophy and shop for Girl x Kodak here at NOTE.

Palace The Merchandise video

Palace have just bust out a new video called The Merchandise featuring mostly USA filmed footage of Blondey McCoy, Rory Milanes, Shawn Powers, Chewy Cannon, Jamal Smith, Lucien Clarke, Benny Fairfax, Danny Brady and their new pro Lucas Puig! All new Palace skateboards available from NOTE now.

Pass~Port Goodbye VX video

Pass~Port have decided the day has come for the Sony VX 1000 to be put to rest and it's time to move to HD. Here's a video they put together in memory of their old camera featuring Josh Pall, Callum Paul, Dean Palmer, Geoff Campbell and Matlok Bennett-Jones.

NB# Tricolor video

A little later than planned because of some music rights hez here is the New Balance Numeric Tricolor video featruing full parts from PJ Ladd, Franky Villani and Flo Mirtain along with footage of Brandon Westgate, Arto Saari, Axel Cruysberghs, Jordan Taylor, Jake Hayes, Tyler Surrey, Tom Knox, Jack Curtin, Antoine Asselin, Marquise Henry, Tom Karangelov, Marius Syvanen, Jordan Trahan, Anthony Schultz, Levi Brown, Chad Tim Tim, JP Souza, Pedro Biagio, Alexis Sablone, Mark Baines and Karl Salah. 

Yonnie Cruz Chocolate

Chocolate skateboards newest pro; Yonnie Cruz officially gets welcomed to the pro ranks in this hot little minute long clip from the Crailtap camp!

Tyrone O'Hanrahan Yes Fam!

Yes Fam have just pumped out a couple of minutes of dope footage of our Manc in Paris, Tyrone O'Hanrhan. Filmed by Sean Lomax and edited by Jack Brooks. 

SHADS video

Vague Mag have uploaded the full 2013 Manchester skate scene video, SHADS, for your internet viewing pleasures. Take in the whole pschedilc experince and head to the Vague Mag for an interview with it's maker Mark Kendrick, and find out about his new project, Piilgrim.

Extra Flare Tyler Manchild Pacheco

Tyler "Manchild" Pacheco features in the most recent edit from Lakai's Extra Flare. Watch his trials and tribulations from making The Flare below.

Mike Arnold's Lloyds Part

Skateboard Cafe team rider Mike Arnold, comes up with new creative ways to skate a spot that's been getting rinsed for decades. Filmed exclusively at Lloyds in Bristol by Rich Smith. Listen to 808 State!