Hockey Ben Kadow pro

Hockey have turned Ben Kadow professional. Pick up his debut Dragon deck and maybe even his mug from NOTE.

Converse x Polar LA Days

The Converse x Polar Jack Purcell collection is available from NOTE now and to mark the occasion Pontus Alv and Ben Chadourne have composed and James Cruickshank edited this LA Days video. Featuring Cons and Polar riders Aaron Herrington, Jonas Skroder, David Stenström, Paul Grund, Roman Gonzalez and Dane Brady skating in sunny Los Angeles.

Lakai Extra Flare Simon Bannerot

You might not be aware of young Girl and Lakai am Simon Bannerot yet but you will be after you see his section in The Flare. Sorry for the delay on the DVDs. It has something to do with hez on the music rights and should be sorted soon. We'll get those pre-orders out ASAP!

Antihero The Body Corporate

The new skate film from Antihero called The Body Corporate goes on sale in NOTE Tuesday 25/07/17 and we will be having a little in store premiere in NOTE Tib Street if you want to see it for free. Although with a line up consisiting of Raney Beres, Daan Van Der Linden, Grant Taylor, Frank Gerwer, Jeff Grosso, Peter Hewitt, Brian Anderson, Julien Stranger, Chris Pfanner, Robbie Russo, Sean Gutierrez, Lord Div Adam, Albino, Pat McLain and Austin Kanfoush there should be no doubt that The Body Corporate DVD is a must for every skateboarder's video collection.

Nike SB Kevin Terpening Elite Squad

Phoenix Luke In Crust We Trust

Phoenix Luke moved from Cornwall to Manchester to study art and filmed a rad video part for Matt Hunt's In Crust We Trust video while he was at it. Click over to the Vague Mag website and read his interview.

Welcome's Fetish Video

In case you missed it earlier in the year, Welcome Skateboards have uploaded 'Fetish', their first full-length video to the internet for your viewing pleasure.

Tune in to a thoroughly entertaining video for an insight into the quirkier side of skateboarding, with honourable mention going to all-round good lad, Ryan Lay. Great stuff.

NB# Tricolor premiere 15/07/17

New Balance Numeric Tricolor premiere

Get down to NOTE Tib Street for 6:30pm this Saturday 15th July to see the New Balance Numeric Tricolor video featuring Franky Villani, Flo Mirtain and a very highly anticipated section from PJ Ladd. Hopefully we might get some footage from the rest of the NB# crew too, perhaps even from their newly announced new recruit Brandon Westgate. 

Primitive Pendleton Zoo promo

Primitive have done a rad series of decks designed by Don Pendleton which we'll have in NOTE soon. Look out for the graphics in this video featuring Diego Najera, Carlos Ribeiro, Bastien Salabanzi, Trent McClung and Marek Zaprazny. Filmed by Alan Hannon and Kevin Perez.

Joey Pepper for Politic Brand

Politic recently announced shop fave Joey Pepper to the brands pro ranks and his new Nova decks are available from NOTE now.