Came to Sicily For Nothing

Came to Sicily For Nothing is the new video from Quartersnacks featuring Nick Michel, Jusitin Henry, Etienne Gagne, Ben Blundell, Jesse Alba and Danny Brady.


Rise & Defy tour video

New Deal 1990 Retrospective Montage

Thirty years ago a group of skaters got together to launch a much loved skateboard company called New Deal. To mark the 30th anniversary the original founders Paul Schmitt, Andy Howell and Steve Douglas are bringing the brand back. We have a New Deal collaboration with enjoi available now and reissue decks, clothing and DVDs coming very soon.

Tiago Lemos Mix Tape

Manolos Tapes put together this rad compilation of Tiago Lemos footage to celebrate his new Andalé professional bearings.

DC x Butter Goods

The DC x Butter Goods collection features the classic Kalis OG shoe and a range of apparel and is available from NOTE now. Check out Josh Kalis and and Philly Santosuosso rocking the kit in Chicago. 

Hot Line

Zero Damn It All premiere 05/10/2019


Verso is a very special new video part from Mark Suciu

Connections premiere 05/10/2019

Join us and the Couch Raiders in NOTE Tib Street at 6:30pm this Saturday 5th October for the Manchester premiere of CR Connections Chapter 0. Filmed all over the UK and overseas this video features skaters from Poland, Spain and Glossop including Will Collins, David, Czaja, Tommy G, Camel, Marchewa, Wu Kaniu, Bolek, Otor, Patryczek, Benjah, Traszer, Pedro Sanchez, Simply Shred, Jugen Stach, Majlo, Jahu, Damien Allsopp, Dida, Vic, Jean Semaan, Vince, Stefix, Jack, Siela, Chudy and Josh Collins.