Big Cinch's threes

Muscle enhancing tops: 1. Black Calvin Klein Beater £18 from the Calvin Shop 2. French's Harmony Wolf Tee shirt £0 left in a sweaty ball in Note by Eddy Belvedere after one of his binges. 3. Mega mexican supermarket beater 40 potatoes from Mega supermarket playa del carmen Mexico. (the mexicans invented that shit homes!) Shrewsbury skatespots: 1. The oldschool Monkmoor Skatepark. Terrible floor, great days. 2. Shire hall. it use 2 have rails, gaps and ledges. 3.All of Peelers new school spots. The council depot was sick as..theres loads of sick ones that are popping up int magz yo! Websites: 1. Cinch's Myspace 2. Cinch's Flickr 3. Hardcore will never die Big Pappa Cinch 23/01/07