Ben Grove Interview



Benjamin James Grove.


Champagne Super Grover, Sweetcorn, Grove, Tourette Boy.


5th February 1985


Zukie, Supra, KR3W jeans, Shake Junt, Relentless, Smuggling Duds, Spitfire wheels, Independent trucks and NOTE.

Favourite colour?

Don't 'ave one.

Favourite food?

Anything with vinegar on it!

Favourite drink?


Bruce: What's with the drinking a bottle of vinegar on your Urbane Mob intro?

Just did it for a laugh for the intro!!!

Nev: You have some pretty weird eating habits. Why do you eat so many lemons?

Because they're good for you!!!

Cinch: Relentless or Stella?


Nev: If you could fight anyone who would it be and why?

You Nev.

Tets: What's the first skate vid you got?

Una Promo and Playing Fields.

Tets: What is your favourite video part?

Vaughan Baker in Una Promo.


Joe: Got any baggy pants?


Jed: Mod or Greebo?


Beady Eye or Noel Gallaghers High Flying Birds?


Manuals or Mani?


Tom Day: Street skating or park dogging?


Tom: Best person to skate comps with?

Keith Walsh.

Tom: what's the skytop like to skate in?

Don't know, not skated 'em!

Jim Walker: Tell us the story about the time you were showing off and popped that rail in to the bank in Sheffield.

I was with the Black Label team skating Park Hill flats! Those red rails on the beginning of my section on In Motion! When I smashed myself into that car and thought I would go down the hill and jump that rail into that bank! In front of the likes Jason Adams, Chet Childress Adam Alfaro to name a few!

Nev: How hard do you party?


Nev: Why do you take your T shirt off in comp runs?

It's not just in comp runs! It comes from Frank Stephens! He always had his top off when doing gnarly shit in video parts when I was a kid! And I think if you go tops off you 'ave to fucking 'ave it or die trying!

Nev: Favourite street grab?

Stale fish.

Nev: One desert island choice. Vespa scooter, album of your choice, your parker covered in paint or a skateboard?

None of the above! Just a woman would do!

Nev: How many boards do you reckon you could focus in one minute?

Let's find out!

Frontside flip.

Kev: Do you go Bones?

Ha ha yes Kev.

Making ends meet as professional skateboarder is pretty tough. Any advice on how to get paid to skate?

It's fucking well hard! Advice, get a proper job. Ha ha.

What other jobs have you had to do?

Joiner/carpenter, bar staff, NOTE staff, been a paper boy, milk man.

Before 2011 you'd never been a big money comp or had last part in a vid and this year you got both. They were both big goals of yours. Which felt better and why?

Pusherman part for me. My first last section. I've always wanted a last part since I seen JT's section off Misled Youth. Ha ha.

You've had a few sponsor changes recently. What brought that on?

Supra 'n KR3W are mega! End of!

Where are you from?

Was born in Wordsley in the west middles!

What's your most extravagent item of clothing?

My James Darby collection!

What's it like chilling with Penny, Muska and the rest of the Supra team?


Top 5 bands?

1. The Stone Roses. 2. Oasis 3. Joy Division. 4. Happy Mondays. 5. The Verve.

Top 5 solo artists?

1. Ian Brown of course. 2. Noel Gallagher. 3. Paul Weller. 4. Danny Mahon. 5. Shaun Gilroy.

What do you reckon to the Stone Roses reforming?

Mega! Never thought I would get to see 'em play! And I live next to Heaton park!

Tony: Bob Burnquist grind to free dive or Lethal Weapon 2?

Lethal Weapon 2 init.

Tony: Where do like skating at?

Anywhere as long I'm with good company!

Cinch: You're in a boat with Paul Weller, Liam Gallagher, Ian Brown, Brian Clough and it's sinking. You can save one person. Who would you save from a soggy trip to Davey Jone's locker?

Ian Brown 'cause he always carries a dingy!

Frontside bluntslide.

Thank you Joe Gavin for the first two photos and Joel Peck for the second two. Click on them for some videos and stuff.