Beauty and the Beast DVD

Manchester skateboard shop Beauty and the Beast, the Girl and Anti Hero northwest tour 2008 is packed full of hot shizz. It's split up into three parts. The Anti Hero part comes first with skating from the likes of Max Schaaf, Frank Gerwer, Tony Trujillo, Andrew Allen, Julian Stranger, Peter Hewitt, the little guy and none other than the man himself John Cardiel. This part is full of raw dog transition skating and is truly awsome and all filmed and edited in a typically Antihero way. Next up comes the Girl part, a much cleaner version of the tour with skating from Mike Carroll, Frank Mckrank, Alex Olson, Rick Howard, Brian Anderson. Erica Koston, Sean Malto and someone called T-mo P-kib. The third part is the Retard edit, this is all the good times/booze times that both teams had on the road. The vid has a real good bro-down feel to it and will get you pumped to go out and shred your local shitty council park spine with your local hero. This vids now in stock and is only £11.95. It really wants to go on a little road trip itself straight to your door. Tony Da Silva ps Check out the new Anti Hero and Girl decks on Shop Online.