Arto Saari in Flip Sorry

David Bowie has been a staple of musical inspiration since the 60's. His music has been used in many a classic skateboard video part; Example's being Tom Penny in Etnies "High 5" way back in 1995, to more recent productions such as the monumental Lucas Puig part in the Lakai epic "Fully Flared" from 2007. But for many, the video part that stood out with a Bowie soundtrack was Arto Saari in Flip's classic "Sorry" in 2002.

At this era Arto Saari changed the game with the biggest, gnarliest rail hammers in both stances. He even nearly died making the video. The part starts with a horrible cartoon of Arto falling, followed by the real footage of the aftermath of his bail. He then dreams in hospital the classic Tom Penny video part to The Velvet Underground relic "Venus in Furs" which was followed by Arto starting his part with tricks/lines Regular and then Switch which was mind blowing at the time. Watch this classic part in all it's high quality glory courtsey of French Fred.

RIP David Bowie.