NOTE Snake Eyes Die video

It's no secret that Joe loves hip hop and that one of his all time favourite skate videos is Zoo York's Mix Tape. Inspired by that he wanted to make Snake Eyes Die and edit the skating around a soundtrack mixed by DJ Omas. Featuring Tony Da Silva, John Bell, Ben Grove, Chris Barrett, Matthew Nevitt, Jethro Coldwell, Dom Henry, Tom Day and the 7 Eston Household, Rob Smith, Tyrone O'Hanrahan, Ben Rowles and a lot of the up and coming Mancunian skaters on the scene today.

The premiere was at Kraak gallery and was accompanied with DJ sets and a gig by TNC. 

Check out more of Joe Gavin's skate and music videos on 

NOTE Bee Sides video

10 years is a long time in the skateboard retail game especially in Manchester which has had it's fair share of skate shops over the years. Back in 2009 NOTE had been in business for a decade making it Manchester's longest serving skate shop and we celebated with a skate vid, party and olympics. The whole idea behind Bee Sides was to make a DVD like one of those albums bands make of all their B sides, rarities and remixes, and also a bit like one of the greatest hits things, or a trip down memory lane. Sean Lomax, Dan Cintra, Stu Bentley and Ryan Gray all helped out with edits and Joe Gavin did the rest and put Bee Sides together.

The premiere/party was across the road from NOTE Tib Street in a derelict Isobar before it became Black Dog Ballroom. The owner let us graffiti the place up as it was going to get re-fit and the place looked rad. On the night the venue was split in half as we were sharing it an alternative Miss Manchester which involved a transvestite cat walk show hosted by Rowetta from the Happy Mondays. At first both parties kept very much separate but by the end of the night skaters were strutting their stuff on the runway and trannies were watching a skate vid which was pretty funny.

Again, big up Joe Gavin for this video and check out more of his work on 

NOTE Workers and Lurkers video

Workers & Lurkers was made in 2006 and is the ultimate Manchester scene video for a few reasons. It was the first Manchester scene DVD (not VHS) and was made before the days of throw away internet vids. People were either banned from or bored of Bones and it was before the days of Platts and the Pumpcage so most skaters were having at in the city streets. The scene was really tight at the time and nobody was stirring up beef or bull shit so nearly everyone got involved. Joe's concept was that the video was going to feature the NOTE workers (team) which in those days was Tony Da Silva, Ben Grove, Joe Gavin, Kevin Eley, Mike Mathews, Mark Stockton, Eddie Belvedere and Ollie Tyreman and all the lurkers who were basically anybody else who skated in Manchester or were friends of the shop; Mark Kendrick, Adam Leishman, Deebo, Ste Perry, Victor Skulls, Alex Davies and all the Wisdom MCR crew, Woody, Eastbourne Ben, Stu Bentley, Keith Miller and Gez Curran to name just a few.

The premiere was nuts! We'd just signed the lease on NOTE Tib Street and so we had an empty unit in which to hold the prem. We seriously underestimated how many people were going to show up. On the night we could barely even get in to the shop with the DVD because of the swarm of people waiting to get in with there faces pushed up against the window. We thought it was going to be a pretty chill affair with a DJ and a few beers but it went OFF! The shop was beyond full and you could hear the air horns, shouting and rowdiness all over the Northern Quarter. The shop was fucked afterwards but it was a hell of a lot of fun.

Anyway, here it is now for you to enjoy online. Big up Joe Gavin for making this and go check his website 

Manchester Skate Spots Feature

Joe Gavin has uploaded his 2013 15 minute documentary on famous Manchester skate spots. Previously only viewable as an extra on Joe's 2013 Manchester skate DVD 'Snake Eyes Die', this fifteen minute feature focusses on some of the most iconic skate spots Manchester has to offer. Get watching now to witness and listen to many Note-affiliated heads shredding and talking about some of the city's staple stomping grounds.

Stu Bentley Crates


Stuart Bentley has taken over Jake's Crates for Sidewalk this week. Watch this for some Mancunian Leisure time with Joe Gavin, Eastbourne Ben, Dan Rees, Woody, Keith Miller, Gez Curran, Matt Harfield, Tony Da Silva and Kevin Eley.

Meals On Wheels art exhibition 23rd April

Meals on Wheels is a celebration of the fine daytime folk who feed us in the Northern Quarter. 

Koffee Pot





Oak Street Cafe

McColls Veg Stall

Kingfisher (aka Tib Street) Chippy

V Revolution


Have all illustrated/designed a skateboard deck themselves or with a local designer. These will be displayed along with a set of illustrations by Generic Greeting Illustrator Tash Wilcocks as part of the HyperTipsMap a growing map of Manchester.

Preview - From 6:00pm Thursday 23rd April at Kosmonaut, 10 Tariff Street, Manchester, M1 2FF.

In association with



Generic Greeting


Joe Gavin Film website

There are so many good reasons for you to check Joe's new website. People say Manchester has the most productive skate scene and a massive part of that is down to the talent, energy and hard work of Joe Gavin. His new site includes his music videos, short films and skate videos including full NOTE shop vids Workers & Lurkers (2006), Bee Sides (2009) and Snake Eyes Die (2013). 

Fos FM featuring Ben Grove and Paul Ryder

Mark Foster of Heroin skateboards has a show on KCHUNG radio in Los Angeles called Fos FM. Last week Paul Ryder of the Happy Mondays and Ben Grove appeared as guests to chat about Manchester, music, skateboarding, food, Split Skates, Purple Aki and listen to music from the likes of New Order, Suzuki Method, Chameleons, Blossoms, Wu Lyf, Gramotones and the Stone Roses. If you missed it you can click the image below to listen to an archive of the show.

John Bell in Pusherman

Sean Lomax has just brightened our day by uploading this full frontal Johnbella part from his outstanding scene video Pusheman. You can still order Pusherman here, an absolute must-see for any Manchester skateboarding enthusiast! 


Taylor Nawrocki for Politic

We are proud to now stock Politic Skateboards. To celebrate, here's Politic rider Taylor Nawrocki's brilliant stand-alone Transworld part 'El Sol' from last year. 

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