Mark Kendrick Skate Crates 2

More behind the scenes action from Mark Kendrick's 2015 Manchester scene video 'Shads'. Outtakes featuring appearances from Louie Brownlie, Jiri Buin, Chris Barrett and John Bell.

Leo Macdonald Oulds in Digital Peel 3

Leo is the TRUTH.

Mark Kendrick Skate Crates 1

Manchester's Malaysia travelling Mark kendrick had dusted off his old Vx DV tapes from making his cinematic Manchester classic "Shads" for his first episode of Skate Crates featuring Ben Grove, Gergie Anderson, Dom Henry and more. Check the edit below;

Brian Peacock Pro Video Part

Primitive have turned technical wizard Brian Peacock Pro. His boards are available in Note Tib Street now!

Kostons Greatest Hits

Eric Koston's Greatest Hits; A comp;libation of every video part consisting of Next Generation (1992), Falling Down (1993), 411 (1993), Goldfish (1993), Mouse (1996), The Chocolate Tour (1999), Menikmati (2000), Chomp on This (2002), Yeah Right (2003), Fully Flared (2007), Pretty Sweet (2012), Chronicles Vol 3 (2015).

Koston's Greatest Hits from The Green Zine on Vimeo.

WKND Announce A New Professional

WKND announce a new professional as a surprise just in time for the weekend the clue is in the Koston shoes in the background....

Joe Roberts and Sam Bottenberg Digital Peel 3

Keanu uploaded Joe Roberts & Sam Bottenberg's banging shared part from his recent full length release Digital Peel 3.

Boys Of Summer Andrew Allen Leftovers

Andrew Allen stars in this solid leftovers edit from last year's 'Boys Of Summer' video. Also featuring cameos from Jerry Hsu, Spanky, AVE, Sage Elsesser and more.

Bad Luck Exhibition from Joe O'Donnell

Note's own Joe O'Donnell has a series of prints launching at The Bay Horse on 27th April. See details on the flyer below and click through the image to check out more of Donnie's work. INSTA FLYER 1
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    Some fun shit that happened 7 years ago. We're doing this again in 3 weeks! NOTE Olympics 2016 at Platt Fields Park Sunday 19th June. πŸ“Ή @snakeeyesdie @regulationstation #NOTEolympics #plattfieldspark #manchesterskateboarding πŸ…πŸ

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    Joe Gavin having at at Platts. New kit in both NOTE shops this week from HUF, GX1000, Thrasher, Quasi, Antihero, Krooked, Real, Spitfire, Nike SB, adidas and many more if you need anything. @snakeeyesdie #joegavin #plattfieldspark #manchesterskateboarding 🐝

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    11th June 2016. #thequietshadow 🐝

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    Keanu Robson 50-50 for the kids and for Segment zine. πŸ“· @jayjohnson94 @segmentzine @keanurobson #keanurobson #manchesterskateboarding 🐝