In Crust We Trust

Cornish filmaker Matt Hunt has released his eagerly awaited scene video In Crust We Trust. Check out the trailer below and get hyped to see parts from Harry While, Eric Wade, Eddie Belvedere, Phoenix Luke, Josh Webb, Adam Keats, Jake Hill.

Politic Division Premiere 21st October

At 6:30pm on October 21st the new Politic debut film entitled Division will be showing in NOTE Tib Street, Manchester. Featuring our very own Dom Henry along side Taylor Nawrocki, Danny Renaud, Dave Caddo, Steve Durante, Joshua Bos, Derm and Kevrick Evans.

Figgy B Sides from Emerica Made 2

Justin Figueroa's Made Chapter 2 video part is one of the gnarliest parts you'll ever see and it's literally literally bone-crunching work that went into it.

Quartersnacks for Nike SB

Quartersnacks released a new Johnny Wilson clip promoting its new collab with Nike SB. Features Daniel Kim, Adam Zhu, Connor Champion, Vincent Touzery, Cyrus Bennett, Andrew Wilson, Max Palmer, Josh Wilson & Nik Stain.

Lakai Salford Brady video

Danny Brady heads to his fathers's hometown to test out his football inspired take on the classic Manchester shoe, the new Lakai Salford. Filmed and edited by Sean Lomax.

juice Manchester scene edit

Sick, lo-fi, housey vibes on display here, straight from the lens of Max Dos Santos in association with Segment Zine, featuring animations by Sarcus Nevarc.
An array of Manchester stalwarts feature, including Joe O'Donnell, Tom Day, Jacob Johnson, Keanu Robson, Jed Coldwell, Dan Carpenter, Zach Riley, Armarni Rochford, Ben Rowles, Ben Grove, Neil Worthington, Lewis Threadgold, Seb Batty and Ricky Davidson.
Good vibes all round, take it in, then go do a Pupecki Reeves!

Sam Pendlebury in Mouth of the Ribble

NOTE lurker, silver-fox, and general good dude, Sam Pendlebury delivers a banging section from Blackpool scene video Mouth of the Ribble.
Making crusty Northern spots look a lot easier, and smoother, to skate than they actually are isn't easy, but Sam manages to deliver on this front. Good work!

917 x Nike SB Country Club Video

Alex Olson's Call Me 917 brand has a new edit to go with their limited Nike shoe collab.

Emerica Made Chapter 2 Manchester Premiere

We will be premiering the new Emerica video Made Chapter 2 on Tuesday 27th September. Get down to Note Tib St at 6.30PM for new footage from the likes of Jerry Hsu, Bryan Herman, Figgy and Andrew Reynolds. NOTE_IG

The Yeah Right! Log Tape: Nov 2000

Found on a dusty old drive and simply titled The Yeah Right Log Tape, 11/6/00 this old file contains what looks like the beginning stages for filming for 2003's Yeah Right! Featuring mostly never before seen footage of Mike York, Stevie Williams, Rick Howard, Keenan Milton, Jeron Wilson, Chris Roberts, Richard Mulder, Daniel Castillo, Ricardo Carvalho, Tony Ferguson, Robbie McKinley, Alfonso Fernandez, Jesus Fernandez, Daniel Lebron, Guy Mariano, Paulo Diaz and Rudy Johnson.

Filmed by Ty Evans, Tim Dowling and Colin Kennedy

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