The National Skateboard Co Conhuir Lynn

The National Skateboard Co have just released a guest capsule for Conhuir Lynn designed by the artist behind his long time sponsor $lave. This collection is available from NOTE now.

Andrew Allen Stay Inside

Hockey have just released this minute of Andrew Allen footage to go with his new Stay Inside deck which we just got in. 

Quartersnacks 25 Grand Remix

Quartersnacks have remixed footage from the newest New York brand to be stocked at NOTE, Grand Collection. Watch this video featuring Kevin Tierney, Connor Champion, Wade Desarmo and Spencer Hamilton and then go check out the product. 

Lakai The Flare premiere

The UK premiere of Lakai footwears highly anticipated new full length video The Flare will be in Manchester on Go Skateboarding Day. Entry is free so get down to Twenty Twenty Two, 20 Dale Street, Manchester, M1 1EZ for 7pm on 21st June 2017. If you're not sure where it is meet us at either NOTE shop at 6:30pm when we close and we'll show you. Everyone's welcome. Tell all your mates.

Politic Division Dom Henry

Politic have just uploaded Dom Henry's section from their Division DVD. Check him crushing some legendary London and Manchester spots. 

Spitfire x Antihero Tony Trujillo

Spitfire and Antihero present Tony Trujillo tearing evetything up in sight in celebration of the new collection you can check out here!

Vibeseekers 3.5

Vague Skate Mag have uploaded the all new Vibeseekers 3.5 video which you can check out below featuring Vibes from:Nick Stansfield, Dom Henry, Joe Gavin, Matthew Nevitt, Joe O'Donnell, Tyrone O' Hanrahan, Jethro Coldwell, Gez Curran, Tom Day, Tony Da Silva, Charlie O' Donnell, Chris Maddox, Ben Grove, James Cruickshank, Pablo Aresu, Chris Barrett, John Bell, Seb Batty, Jacob Johnson, Keanu Robson, Neil Worthington and many more Mancunians shredders.

Madchester Mondays FULL Video

Use your eyes to watch Joe Gavin's epic Madchester Monday's in a remixed version. The full length Version is all of the episodes from Sidewalk's bi-weekly series all combined into a full length feature!

Numbers Edition 2

Numbers' latest release of clothing and boards is neatly accompanied by their latest edit, which sees them adding two new European powerhouses, Kyron Davis and Magnus Bordewick. 

These additions combine with legends of Koston and Mariano's status, and then three dudes who boast some of the most clinical flip tricks in the industry in the form of Rodrigo TX, Antonio Durao and Miles Silvas. This wizardy is evidenced in this edit by potentially one of the best Switch Front Heels anyone has ever done; watch below for a thoroughly enjoyable, and equally impressive, visual journey.

Vague Mag Site Launches

As I'm sure most of you have seen over the last couple of months, there has been an increasingly apparent, if vague, social media presence from aptly named @vagueskatemag.

Whilst they've certainly been active on Instagram, with a pretty heavy certified 'lej' focus, it's only been this week that has seen the lads behind it launch their website proper, with exclusive content including a spotlight on shop rider Joe O'Donnell's exhibition at Bold Street Coffee in Liverpool, and the online premiere of Zachariah Riley's Magic Sticky Hand 2 part, with an accompanying interview. With that said, it's probably time you headed over there and checked out the site for yourself to see what these guys are doing.

'Vague' is still well and truly in its infancy as a magazine, but we're all pretty interested to see where it's going to go, and with a focus on 'Skateboarding, art, breweries, and the rest', we're sure this is going to be something a bit different from your average print skate magazine formula. 

Whilst the introduction of their website has added an element of clarity to the otherwise vague space the mag's been operating in so far, it'll still be interesting to watch this space and see what the lads have lined up.