Zoo York

Buy Zoo York skateboard decks. Zoo York is the original East Coast skateboard company, and has been riding the subway and chomping dollar slices since its inception in New York City in 1993. Heavily influenced by the original NYC arts of Hip Hop, Graffiti and real street skating, Zoo York strove to bring something authentic to the table and has done a lot to put raw east coast street skateboarding on the map.

Zoo York has put out some of the most memorable and oft-cited street skating videos in skateboarding’s history, thanks mostly to it’s long-serving staff videographer R.B Umali. Perhaps the most talked about is the infamous 1998 VHS release Mixtape, which saw veteran NYC skate legends such as Danny Supa, Harold Hunter, Jeff Pang and Peter Bici shredding with east coast versatility at rugged spots around the city, set to a soundtrack of authentic hip hop freestyles recorded and captured on film specifically for the video by some of the hottest names in NYC hip hop history – from Busta Rhymes to Method Man.

Zoo York’s R.B Umali was also the man behind the short-lived video magazine series E.S.T ( Eastern Standard Time ) which featured a Zoo York team heavy roster of NYC heads shredding on VHS, as a regional alternative to the worldwide phenomenon of California-based 411 Video Magazine. Fast forward a few years and RB is still the man behind the Z.Y lens, and helped Zoo put out the excellent DVD State Of Mind in 2009. 2013 saw them drop their online promo King Of New York, with riders such as Brandon Westgate, Kevin Tierney and Ron Deilly proving that the original New York company is still relevant today in a market now flooded by East Coast influenced brands.

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