Shop now for Venture skateboard trucks. Venture is a San Francisco based truck company that was founded in the early 80's by Fausto Vitello and Keith Cochrane. Venture trucks are manufactured by Vitello's Emrico truck foundry and are distributed by Deluxe Distribution. Venture is one of the best selling truck brands worldwide and sponsor a powerful list of professionals.

The Venture team is nothing short of intimidating, playing host to some of the most formidable names in skateboarding right now. Noteable riders include the unstoppable east coast powerhouse that is Brandon Westgate, who’s recent part in Emerica’s Made:Volume One DVD proved that he is one of the most phenomenal all terrain vehicles we have ever seen.

Another stand out rider on the Venture team is Rodrigo TX, the Brazilian technician who has been blowing minds worldwide ever since he stepped onto the scene in the now classic Menikmati video from eS Footwear. TX has proved time and time again that he is willing and able to push the boundaries of stylish technical skateboarding, and has released numerous mind blowing parts for the likes of Flip Skateboards and now DGK Skateboards – he’s been killing it for over a decade now.

Other legendary names that pad out the roster include the likes of your favourite skater’s favourite skater Gino Iannucci, the original Cali tech kid Paul Rodriguez, and subtlely excellent New Yorker Eli Reed. Venture Trucks come in a range of widths depending on what width of board you prefer, and are available in both Low and High editions.

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