Shop now for Stereo skateboard decks and wheels. Stereo is a board company with a lot of heritage. It was formed in 1992 by like-minded skateboarders Jason Lee and Chris Pastras, who had become disillusioned with the other companies on the market and wanted to bring something fresh to the table. Stereo was born out of their shared vision of a brand aesthetic involving vintage Americana and influenced by Jazz music and associated cover artwork.

Pastras’ father was a jazz musician so he grew up around jazz records. One day it clicked that jazz record sleeves were perfect artwork for the vibe he wanted for Stereo, and when Pastras dug deeper he found that the copyright had lapsed on many of the album artworks from the 1960s. As a result, he decided to reappropriate these artworks directly into graphics for Stereo skateboard decks.

Jason Lee was already a skate legend, having blown minds in arguably the most influential skate video of all time, Video Days by Blind. J.Lee had stepped onto the scene with an unbelievable style and trick selection including kickflip backtails and the best 360 flips in the game, at a time when most pros could barely kickflip with real consistency. So when Stereo launched in 1992, the team was already off to a good start.

The O.G line up was reinforced with the likes of UK Legend Carl Shipman, laid back all-rounder Matt Rodriguez and the inimitable Mike Daher. Stereo went on to release many influential jazz-heavy skate videos, at a time where jazz was an unlikely soundtrack to such productions. Classic releases include A Visual Sound (1992) and Tincan Folklore (1996).

Nowadays Stereo have recruited various new school rippers to keep their vision alive and strong, including Clint Peterson, Kyle Leeper and Ben Fisher. They still pay homage to their heritage by maintaining a Classics division of O.G team riders including Shipman, Rodriguez, Lee and Pastras, and stay true to their timeless jazz-inspired visual aesthetic.

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