Shop now for Converse skateboard shoes and skate clothing. Converse is an American sneaker company established in the early 20th century. They entered the skateboarding market in 2009, reworking classic Converse models such as the famous Chuck Taylor with skateboard-specific reinforcements. Their entry to the skate industry also involved their announcement of a team of ambassadors, which includes among others the light-footed Kenny Anderson, East Coast powerhouse Zered Bassett and Krooked’s all terrain shredder Mike Anderson.

The team has been given something of a radical boost recently with the addition of 80s vert badass Jason Jesse. As a publicity move to advertise the new converse CTS sneakers, CONS teamed up with Jesse to build a private vert ramp for him for the purposes of filming a short online commercial which shows Jason indulging in his various interests: timeless gnarly skateboarding, motorcycles and cars.

In a crowded skate shoe market where more and more of the corporate outsiders are making moves to enter the skate game with some legitimacy, Converse’s recruitment of the well respected Kenny Anderson has been a definitive power move. Anderson was part of the original Converse skateboarding team in 1997, at a time where they created a low-key skate program but were not making specific shoes for skateboarding. Anderson’s return to the brand helps give authenticity to the brand’s intentions, and he has been rewarded accordingly with two signature models to date, the KA-One and the KA-II.

The CONS brand have been active in their commitment to fostering skateboarding and other creative outlets, and have initiated a program entitled ‘CONS Space’ whereby they organize events which involve the take over a disused space for the purposes of building and skating DIY skate obstacles. These events also invite various musicians and artists to come and take part. The series has seen CONS Space 001 take place in Barcelona, and CONS Space 002 in Berlin.

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